Month: October 2018

Cryptocurrency Trading Easy Guide to Get Started

Cryptocurrencies have been introduced to the market in recent years and have gained wide popularity since then. There are tremendous opportunities for everyone in the cryptocurrency market.  There is no restriction for entry and exit to the market. Even a newbie who has no prior experience can trade in this market. There are various websites operating online through which one can conduct trading such as

What is cryptocurrency and how it is transacted?

Basically, cryptocurrency is money on the software platforms. It is considered as real money but it would take some more time to get widely accepted as it’s a fairly new concept. The most popular currency is bitcoin. These cryptocurrencies are transacted using the blockchain technology.

Usually, a traditional database is placed in one location. With the blockchain technology, the data gets backed up on thousands of computer located around the world for a very low cost. Information in the blockchain database is heavily encrypted and it’s very difficult for hackers to get into the system. Whenever a transaction is made with the cryptocurrency, the information gets entered into the blockchain and one can easily trace the origin of the transactions later on.

Storing and transferring the cryptocurrencies

The cryptocurrencies are stored on blockchain in the wallet.  The wallet is an address on the blockchain. Each wallet comes with the private and public address. The public address is wherein the people send the funds to.  The private address is like the password you use to get access and send the funds. One should never expose the private key, or else you will lose the money in the wallet.  There are different wallets available to store the coins like an online wallet, desktop wallet, mobile wallet, paper wallet, and hardware device wallet. You can use various apps available to track the prices of cryptocurrencies so that you will know about the worth of the coins in your wallet.…

How Technology Can Help With Student Loans

The present education system and the coaching institutions demand a high price that is overwhelming in nature. This case includes almost ten percent of the private universities and nearly fifteen percent of the public colleges over a five-year-long period. Or else, simply put, the tuition fees have advanced to five-fold faster than the consumer price index.

As this situation prevails, students have greatly opted to the overpriced student loans. Followingly, the student loan debt crisis has eventually declined the dreams of many from pursuing the graduate programs. However, the revolution of technology has almost surpassed this issue.

For example,

  • A start-up financial tech company has resolved this problem by providing the students and the parents a means to refinance and merge their undergraduate and graduate debt. The only thing you need to do is to ensure if you are fit enough to qualify the eligibility requirements in order to utilize their services. One major criterion among this is you are employed and receives a monthly cash flow.

If approved, this reputed company will surely refinance both federal and private loans along with the benefits of several federal protection programs. Apart from this, it also offers the unemployment protection scheme where it temporarily halts the monthly payment in case you lose your job.

  • Additionally, a peer end lending platform has been developed seeking to link the borrowers who wish to refinance student loans with investors. There exists no application fees and interest rates are also low but this stays relevant to specific graduate programs.
  • Parents who wish to invest in their child’s education early on in life can opt for the platform called future college savings. Apart from the tax benefits, it advises the parent where to invest their money on. This is made possible by the use of automation and multiple custodians. You can learn more from

Trust, love, and fear: The Six stages of your future relationship with AI

We are on the go with our love and hate relationship with AI, it is truly everything that is revolving around us and everything that we revolve around as well. When AI is a part and parcel of our lives, we can also see the future when we have situations when we are embarrassed by the use of AI when compared to emotions and feelings. We already have Amazon’s Alexa pretty close to us and Siri heading into our homes.

AI is getting closer to us in every form and the future stages are even more worrying when we create relationships with gadgets and robotic systems. Let us take a quick look at some of the stages of trust, love, fear, and expectation from these gadgets and its future.

  • Stage one: this is more of fantasy and fear. When we are enthusiastic to know what is and at the same time we are scared of the latest functions it offers. The suspense of what AI will offer is the first stage.
  • Stage two: this is a stage of frustration and anger because you get into the hold of the AI gadget and are in the hang of its Because sometimes you don’t have very cordial commands and actions from your gadgets.
  • Stage three: when you learn that AI has helped your life to get better I most of the ways you are on the stage of acceptance and you get into friendship with your gadget your 24/7 companion.
  • Stage four: a stage of infatuation where you are ideally getting closer to the chatbots and you are on the verge of addiction with its features and use on the whole.
  • Stage five: the stage of trust, when your amidst the feel that your gadget has the complete take over of your activities.
  • Stage six: when you are getting your tasks done perfectly, your in the reliance stage that which makes you feel that you cannot live without your gadget.
  • Stage seven: the final stage which is coined in love and fear, you go to that level where you love your gadget but your conscious fears of what may happen in future.

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