Month: November 2018

How to Record at Sea With a Drone – A Complete Guide

The drone technology is here to stay and with it, photography and video-making have changed by leaps and bounds. You can make picturesque scenes a part of your movies and pictures with the use of drones, without worrying about the terrain. There are amazing yachts with enough space and stability available on 4 yacht, which can be chartered for recording on the sea using a drone.

Though many people worry about using these expensive UAVs over water worrying about possible loss or damage to equipment but here are some tips to help you in this pursuit.

  1. Decide about the pilot boat beforehand. Then you can check out the various details of the boat, like its speed and movements that can happen on the boat. All these details will help you to decide the right place for taking off and landing the drone.
  2. Check the depth of the area where you are planning to record. This will help you to recover the drone if it falls into the sea.
  3. Use some floatation devices and check how long does the drone fly. Weight and battery life need to be checked beforehand to plan recording time, stability and the aerodynamic effect.
  4. Wear comfortable shoes that help you to maintain your stability and movement on the boat. Check out if you would like to take something to combat motion sickness if you have this problem.
  5. The drone should be helped using hands to avoid any damage during takeoff and landing.
  6. It is possible not to have charging points available on the deck. So keep extra batteries- charged and use them separately for videos and photos.
  7. Carry enough memory cards so that you have enough recording space.
  8. Remember to charge the devices as well, that is going to control the drone.

Follow all the safety tips for yourself, the person navigating the drone and the boat. Keep the equipment covered with waterproof material to protect it from spattering. Ensure that the day is clear and you use all the right maneuvering techniques and there is no reason why you cannot record amazing visuals over the sea.…

Tech-Savvy Toddlers – Why are Young Children So Good With Technology?

Children today are much smarter in grasping information about technology and tech gadgets. There was a time when learning to use a computer was taught in school only for the older kids. And not many homes had a computer. So the only exposure that a child had to a computer was with what he was exposed to at school. But today computers are used everywhere and most of the office work also takes place on smartphones. So with this tech-driven world evolving every minute, it is natural for parents to be curious about introducing various types of gadgets to their children. But there is also the fear that children should not get addicted to screen time and forget the physical play. If you are looking for gifting your kids the best and the most popular toys available in the market visit starwalkkids website.

Early exposure leads to early learning

Right from very young age children watches their parents use their smartphones and computers. So even the toddlers today know how to use the touchscreen on a smartphone. They know that clicking on certain areas of the screen leads to some changes on the screen. This cause-effect relationship inspires their curiosity to explore these gadgets more. And moving objects are generally known to grab children’s attention and so do attractive colors. All of these are available on smartphones and laptops. Naturally, children get very much interested in them. The young children have very good grasping skills. They love to imitate their parents and learn easily by imitating them. So when you are using your smartphone or laptop, even without your knowledge if your kid has been observing you, he would soon learn the basic operating of the devices even without you explicitly teaching them those concepts. That is how quick they are in grasping and absorbing information.

5 Emerging Fintech Trends Relevant to Every Entrepreneur

Right from looking for a new online id verfication business to the process of automating several financial processes businesses today use tech in many ways. As an entrepreneur, you might be racing against several other companies if you wish to keep your business flourishing. The competition is going to get stronger day by day. So here are 5 of the emerging trends in fintech that entrepreneurs around the world should know about.

Better authentication processes for the payment

Use of biometrics like a fingerprint for example, for the process of authentication for payments, is not just secure but also convenient. So if businesses integrate biometric authentication then, even if a hacker manages to get hold of the password for authentication he would still not be able to override the biometric authentication procedure.

Bots for financial advice

Financial institutions should start using robo advisors for obtaining financial advice. They are quick, convenient and economical. They can redirect customers to actual human advisors if the situation calls for it.

Payroll management through software

One of the most challenging finance activity for any business is the handling of the payroll. Automation of payroll would make it easy to track the details of the salary, avoid errors and rectify errors if any.

Use of digital wallets for payment

Mobile wallets are very convenient to make payments without the user having to take out the card and fill the details. The wallet would be linked with the card or the bank account and can directly process the payment quickly.

Accepting cryptocurrency payments

Cryptocurrencies are now being used as payment currencies as well as instruments for trading. By accepting payments through cryptocurrencies businesses can easily attract international orders without the issue of overseas money transfer.

Fintech is an area that keeps evolving day by day. So as an entrepreneur it is important for you to stay updated about the advancements in this field.…

The Future of Hygiene in a World of Technology

In today’s generation, people are finding innovative ways to do things and its shaking up our lives. Everything we do has been changing, thanks to technology, from the way we book taxis to the way we bank, is getting redesigned, digitized and reprioritized. Development is quicker now with falling mobile phones costs and increasing access to the internet. Technology and innovation play an important role in the future of hygiene. New communicating ways and behaviors are helping the people to break the silence that is related to hygiene-related issues.

One way the latest innovations have been helping to keep the environment clean is by adopting new and effective means for pest control. Keeping a check on pest is mandatory for controlling the spread of diseases and maintaining hygiene. You can go through pest prevention glasgow to know more about the same.

There are other creative solutions that are emerging which are aiming to foster hygiene habits in people. Listed below are the ways the technology has been playing a role in maintaining hygiene:

  • Self-sterilizing door handles
  • Electronic hand hygiene reminding system which reminds the health care workers to sanitize or wash their hands before they consult the patients
  • Usage of UV light to identify the bacteria’s
  • Automatic hand sanitizer which is designed specifically for kids which dispenses sanitizer

The technology is enabling people to use the internet and social media to break down the taboos and helps in eliminating the stigma by taking action and mainstreaming conversation. There are online community centers wherein people shares experience, information and supports each other. It encourages talking openly about hygiene conditions related to menstruation or other embarrassing conditions. People would be more aware of the hygiene-related issues. It helps in solving problems in the connected world.  Social media is a great platform to raise awareness and inspire changes.

4 Inspiring Retail Technology Trends Transforming Luxury

Innovations are at the best to build the core of technology as many people started to encourage and accept these changes.  Innovations become inevitable in a day to day basis in one’s life.  There are many inspiring technologies which are trending in the market.   These inspiring technologies have created an open space for retailers to expand their business and product offerings.  Some of the inspiring technologies are as follows;

  • Artificial Intelligence: AI is nothing but developing computer-based technology which acts like a human brain.  Though this seems to be an advanced technology, this is only at an initial phase and more phases are yet to be developed with a wide number of opportunities in almost every field.  It helps the retailers to optimize the overall profits.
  • Augmented reality: Augmented reality is also gaining importance among the people as well as among the retailers as it brings down the virtual image as a real image. For example, Instead of wearing each frame in our face, this virtual reality helps to find out which frame will suit us better.  Thus this AR helps to enhance the view of the customers with increased satisfaction.
  • Voice controlled system: People are fascinated with the voice-controlled system as it helps to recognize the voice of the customers and collects the required information they asked for.  Instead of typing and searching the desired content, voice recognition in various platforms helps the customers to use it more often than any other application.  Much newer technology is also incorporated with the present one with intense opportunities in the field of Voice recognition.
  • Personalization: The Personalization approach by these retailers helps the customers to avoid confusion in choosing the right products.  Many online platforms try to gather information about the customers regarding their preferences, their likes and dislike in choosing the product and try to display the product based on the customers’ requirements.  Louis Vuitton for less is one among them which try to personalize their customer accounts in order to facilitate them with enhanced performance.