Month: December 2018

The Best Free Weight Loss Apps

The weight loss apps like ketofit are useful. These are basically programs in your mobile that track your lifestyle and your diet and behave like your personal trainer to let you lose weight. Some of these apps also come with many unique features like support and social media forums as well as rewards that help to keep you motivated till the end.

The apps are very easy to use and the fitness programs can also be customized based on your needs. The good news is that you do not need to spend a bomb to use these apps. There are many weight loss apps that are free to use.

Eat This, Not That! the Game

This weight loss app is a free app that can be used by android phone users. This is a game that helps you to lose weight. The game shows you two food items and that are pretty similar and you need to guess the healthier food option. It helps you to have healthier food. It lets you make healthy choices be it at home or a restaurant and helps to burn calories.

Noom Weight Loss

This app is available to use for both android and iOS Smartphone users. This is a toolkit that lets you set your weight loss goals and also tracks your progress. It tracks the intake of food and also lets you log in the exercises that you do. The app helps you to make better food choices and stay active to lose weight.

Nike Training Club

This app can be used by android as well as iOS mobile phone users. This is perfect if the cost of a personal trainer at the gym pinches your pocket. This free app has a number of workouts and you can choose to follow what you want. You need to know what your requirements are and then pick the exercise that suits your needs. The workouts are designed mostly for women.

Here are 6 Reasons to Make Technology Your Hobby

Read on to know the top 6 reasons to make technology your hobby:

Income:  By knowing the technology you can make money in your free time.  There are lots of avenues.  One who is good in technology can sell school projects ideas using technology.  Similarly learning things related to information technology as a hobby can result in generating money while working from home.  For example, bloggers.

Knowledge: By making technology as your hobby you can provide reviews and product ratings on websites.  By doing this you can help people who are in need of suggestions.  You get a whole lot of satisfaction.  When people do not know whether to buy a product, they refer to sites like BestBudget to take the best decision.  Hence technology will help in using your knowledge do good things for other people when it is a hobby.

Wide range and good entertainment:  When technology is your hobby you get a wide variety and the hobby serves as good entertainment. Technology does not have a limit and it invades all the fields.

Keep track of the latest:  When technology is your hobby keeping track of the latest things is very easy.  You can stay updated.  Things are changing constantly in this world and no one needs outdated knowledge.  A hobby related to technology will keep you stay updated.  You can use your knowledge in educating your children.

More networking:  Using social networks will make you develop your friend’s circle.

Impressive:  Learn technology to impress people easily.  No one wonders on guys who do things in the old way.  If you know more technology people will admire you and it will be easy to remain popular.  You can share your knowledge and serve as role-model for many.  By taking up such a hobby you will be undefeatable and always be ranked as outstanding.  Knowing technology projects, you as more skilled.

7 Tips for Taking Better Low Light Pictures With Your Smartphone

Who doesn’t like to show off a good photo? No not just with you in it, but also the ones you clicked? Everyone wants to show they have photography skills at least when they use their smartphones.

So what is one of the major factors that affect the quality of your photos when you just pull out that smartphone of yours and try to capture the moment as it is without any props or prep? The light! When the light is not right, your photo won’t be too.

You can visit theOlive to get some great ideas and tips on taking good photos in general too. Here are a few tips listed below, to help you click good pictures in a bad light too:


There are a number of Apps one can download onto their phones and help them click better photos. Use such Apps for long exposures or long shutter speed.


A stable platform or a steady hand is crucial for a good photo. If you can hold the phone steadily due to various reasons, get a tripod. This will help you get good pictures without any shake.


Rather than clicking stationary subjects, opt for those in motion. When the quality of light around the subject is low, the light from the subject can be used to enhance your image. Use an App for long exposure and try capturing a moving object with lights, you are bound to get a few brilliant photos.


Step out of the comfort zone and click abstract photos. The play of lights from the subject in the dark can help you get some of the best photos ever clicked on your smartphone.


Use your flash to enhance the lighting in the area. Though one can use an external source of lights, using your flash is not only more convenient but also gives you the freedom to click at the right moment.


Just like Apps, there are accessories today, to help you enhance the light. You can use these in addition to your phone light.


Use the multiple photo editing Apps available for download. Even the best photographers with the most advanced cameras, edit. Edit your photo to look better and professional.

The Best Ways Tech Products Have Improved Our Lives Today

Thanks to technology today’s families are more in touch with not only immediate family but with extended families too. The world has truly become a global village where everyone is accessible and everything is accessible from the confines of one’s house.

Here are the ways technology has transformed our lives.

  1. Internet: You can find out about anything under the sun from where ever you are by searching on Google or any other search engines. The amount of information available within seconds is unbelievable.
  2. Staying in touch: You can now see your loved ones in life irrespective of which part of the globe they are in. staying in touch has become extremely simple and more realistic as you see visuals of the other person.
  3. Protection: With GPS trackers it has become very easy to keep track of where our loved ones are, especially children and keeping track of their movement.
  4. Telemedicine: Thanks to technology it is possible to diagnose and treat patiently remotely via satellite images and the internet.
  5. Shopping: No more need one subject oneself to hours of waiting in long queues for sales and discounts; everything is available online. With the click of a button, you can purchase anything you want from anywhere in the world in absolutely no time.
  6. Education: It is now possible to take any course in any discipline online. You need not to attend the class physically. This is a boon for those who want to pursue their thirst for knowledge but are inhibited by work hours.
  7. Storage of documents and photos: With cloud computing, you need not to worry about computer’s crashing and all data is You can now access all your important files from anywhere effortlessly.


Thus, we see that technology has not just improved our lives in these aspects but also in reducing air conditioning cost as newer techniques are being adopted to reduce fuel consumption without sacrificing performance.

How to Save Money on Technology

Read on to know how to save money on technology:

Product and price comparison tools:  There are lots of apps available for product and price comparison.  Even when the product is out of stock these apps notify you when the product stock has arrived.

Cloud rather than buying:  Use cloud instead of buying software.  Before buying any paid services, check whether the same is available online free of cost.

Buying at discount and sell online at a high price:  Use facilities like arbitrage to buy from wholesale stores at cheaper prices and sell online with a profit margin.

Using social networking:  Social networking will help you provide a constant update on latest happenings and offers. Also, online selling and buying are less costly as it does not involve marketing and distribution costs.

Offers:  Use online offers and coupons to save more money.  Couponobox gives best discount coupons on all products and you need not to wait for festival discounts.  Subscribe to online sellers so that you get notified of the offers.

Sell used goods:  You can sell your used goods online.

Constantly update:  Update your knowledge on technology constantly.  This is one of the best ways of saving money.  When you are aware of the availability of cheap and best products and also know where to buy them you can save more.  But this information can be got only by collecting information and doing research.

Hire rather than buying:  All things involving technology change rapidly.  Improved versions are periodically introduced and at one point the old technology goes outdated and is replaced by another new technology.  So, try to hire gadgets rather than buying them.  By doing this you need not frequently incur replacement costs.  If you decide to buy go for the slightly older version rather than spending too much on the latest version.

Quit cart:  While buying online if you abruptly quit the cart, you will be surprised to see the seller giving you offers.…