Day: December 2, 2018

How to Save Money on Technology

Read on to know how to save money on technology:

Product and price comparison tools:  There are lots of apps available for product and price comparison.  Even when the product is out of stock these apps notify you when the product stock has arrived.

Cloud rather than buying:  Use cloud instead of buying software.  Before buying any paid services, check whether the same is available online free of cost.

Buying at discount and sell online at a high price:  Use facilities like arbitrage to buy from wholesale stores at cheaper prices and sell online with a profit margin.

Using social networking:  Social networking will help you provide a constant update on latest happenings and offers. Also, online selling and buying are less costly as it does not involve marketing and distribution costs.

Offers:  Use online offers and coupons to save more money.  Couponobox gives best discount coupons on all products and you need not to wait for festival discounts.  Subscribe to online sellers so that you get notified of the offers.

Sell used goods:  You can sell your used goods online.

Constantly update:  Update your knowledge on technology constantly.  This is one of the best ways of saving money.  When you are aware of the availability of cheap and best products and also know where to buy them you can save more.  But this information can be got only by collecting information and doing research.

Hire rather than buying:  All things involving technology change rapidly.  Improved versions are periodically introduced and at one point the old technology goes outdated and is replaced by another new technology.  So, try to hire gadgets rather than buying them.  By doing this you need not frequently incur replacement costs.  If you decide to buy go for the slightly older version rather than spending too much on the latest version.

Quit cart:  While buying online if you abruptly quit the cart, you will be surprised to see the seller giving you offers.…