Month: January 2019

How Drug Rehabilitation Centers in China Are Using Vr to Treat Addicts

Good news is that the drug rehabilitation centers in China are using virtual reality to treat addicts.

How does it work?

The recipient would view videos based on virtual reality.  There are basically two approaches used in the video to bring the desired results. First one is the fear approach.  Using drugs are illegal in most nations. People consume drugs in spite of that.  The addiction is so severe that they tend to forget the legal impact like lawsuits, imprisonment etc.  By repeatedly viewing the VR videos fear is triggered in the mind of the viewer.  This will help in abstinence from drugs.  Soon this system will be introduced in major rehab centers like Ontariodrugrehabs.

The second approach is emotional sentiment.  Everyone wants to have a family. Drug addiction makes people lose the affection of loved ones.  They lose social esteem, job and wealth.  When the breadwinner of the family becomes an addict, it impacts the life and future of the entire family.  When the addiction is so severe one might want to get out of it.  But he would find it tougher.  Videos of happy families will increase the desire of adopting a peaceful and healthy life.  The craving to see the smiles in the face of loved ones will eliminate the craving for drugs.

Advantages of VR:

  1. It helps in finding patterns of stimuli in the mind of the addict. Based on that it is easier to bring him out of addiction.
  2. The eyeball movements are captured to find out the degree of lying by inmates.
  3. It helps in tackling deaddiction frustrations more effectively.
  4. The treatment captures resistant from the addict by measuring their electrodermal activity. Once the areas of weakness and resistance are found out clearly, it is easy to bring the person out of the drug.