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Top 10 Tech Gadgets Every Man Deserves

The present world of technology has filled man’s life with the surplus gadget. But we are living in an age where having proper gadget is necessary for one’s career movement. Here is a list of essential gadget necessary for today’s men.

  1. A good quality laptop is essential for every man in the present world, it is like a weapon for his daily work. The laptop is a most essential gadget for men but that does mean he will buy any old versioned one, do a proper research, read the reviews and consumer reports before buying one.
  2. Next to laptop is a smartphone, it is as essential as having a laptop. With the emergence of smartphone things like calling, chatting, reading emails, banking, fitness, entertainment, gaming and many more have become easier for the people. Like laptop before buying a smartphone one should make out what exactly he wants from this gadget.
  3. A DSLR camera, it is not an essential requirement for men but is an indispensable part of life for those who work with modern media.
  4. A power bank or a portable battery charger, this may not be an essential gadget on a man’s list but one knows its importance when he is out for a long time and his smartphone battery is about to die.
  5. In the age of smartphone and laptop, TV still has its own importance, the house looks naked without a TV, so TV also becomes essential in the men gadget list.
  6. If the men are a lover of good music then latest noise-canceling headphones are must for him to get an immersive audio experience.
  7. Staying fit is essential for everyone, and no one should compromise on that, as daily exercises help to keep many diseases at bay. So a fitness band takes a position in the list.
  8. In the present day saving data only on laptop or online is not enough one should have a third party hard drive to keep the back up of all the essential things they leave on their computers.
  9. The Internet has become a part of our daily life so the wifi, that is why one needs a good piece of the router to support it.
  10. Drone is not an essential part of life but you can always consider it as a gift to tech-savvy men. manscaped lawn mower will give more insight into this.

How Far Back Can A Urine Test Detect Drugs

Urine Drug Testing or UDT is one of the most known and commonly used drug testing methods of today. UDT consists of two types of tests – the screening and the confirmatory tests. The screening test is used to find and detect the main drug or metabolite. The confirmatory test is used for finding a specific type of drug when it is needed. Screening tests use immunoassay, while confirmatory tests used chromatography or mass spectrometry or liquid chromatography. Let’s see in more detail, how far back a urine test can detect drugs.

Detection Periods Of Various Types Of Drugs By An Urine Test

Different drugs have different detection times. Following are some examples :

  • Amphetamines : 2-5 Days
  • Benzodiazepines : 7-10 Days
  • Cannabinoids (Marijuana) : 5-60 Days
  • Cocaine : 1-4 Days
  • Steroids (Anabolic Oral) : 14-28 Days
  • Propoxyphene : 6 hours to 2 Days
  • Opiates : 5-7 Days

These detection time ranges are provided as general guidelines, and thus these should not be confused with concrete time frames.

Inference Of Medications In The Urine Drug Tests

There can be various medications available that may contain drugs that will ring the urine tests positive. For example, drugs such as cocaine are usually not prescribed by doctors, unless it is used to treat bleeding from the eye or nose. Therefore, such medication should be well documented, as it will turn the urine test positive for drugs.

Another example would be some prescribed diet pills containing one of the two – either amphetamine or methamphetamine. Even Parkinson’s Disease uses drugs that contain methamphetamine, and thus these drugs should be well documented. This is because, naturally these type of drugs will make urine drug tests positive, and therefore proper proof should be obtained. Many people even use dishonest measures like using the urine of another person to pass a drug test – as this is an easy way to get fake pee.

Also, it should be known that intake of these drugs for multiple times can make the results positive. Therefore, if you’re living with someone who is using drugs – there are low chances of getting a positive urine drug test report, by just a passive exposure.…