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How to Record at Sea With a Drone – A Complete Guide

The drone technology is here to stay and with it, photography and video-making have changed by leaps and bounds. You can make picturesque scenes a part of your movies and pictures with the use of drones, without worrying about the terrain. There are amazing yachts with enough space and stability available on 4 yacht, which can be chartered for recording on the sea using a drone.

Though many people worry about using these expensive UAVs over water worrying about possible loss or damage to equipment but here are some tips to help you in this pursuit.

  1. Decide about the pilot boat beforehand. Then you can check out the various details of the boat, like its speed and movements that can happen on the boat. All these details will help you to decide the right place for taking off and landing the drone.
  2. Check the depth of the area where you are planning to record. This will help you to recover the drone if it falls into the sea.
  3. Use some floatation devices and check how long does the drone fly. Weight and battery life need to be checked beforehand to plan recording time, stability and the aerodynamic effect.
  4. Wear comfortable shoes that help you to maintain your stability and movement on the boat. Check out if you would like to take something to combat motion sickness if you have this problem.
  5. The drone should be helped using hands to avoid any damage during takeoff and landing.
  6. It is possible not to have charging points available on the deck. So keep extra batteries- charged and use them separately for videos and photos.
  7. Carry enough memory cards so that you have enough recording space.
  8. Remember to charge the devices as well, that is going to control the drone.

Follow all the safety tips for yourself, the person navigating the drone and the boat. Keep the equipment covered with waterproof material to protect it from spattering. Ensure that the day is clear and you use all the right maneuvering techniques and there is no reason why you cannot record amazing visuals over the sea.…