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7 Tips for Taking Better Low Light Pictures With Your Smartphone

Who doesn’t like to show off a good photo? No not just with you in it, but also the ones you clicked? Everyone wants to show they have photography skills at least when they use their smartphones.

So what is one of the major factors that affect the quality of your photos when you just pull out that smartphone of yours and try to capture the moment as it is without any props or prep? The light! When the light is not right, your photo won’t be too.

You can visit theOlive to get some great ideas and tips on taking good photos in general too. Here are a few tips listed below, to help you click good pictures in a bad light too:


There are a number of Apps one can download onto their phones and help them click better photos. Use such Apps for long exposures or long shutter speed.


A stable platform or a steady hand is crucial for a good photo. If you can hold the phone steadily due to various reasons, get a tripod. This will help you get good pictures without any shake.


Rather than clicking stationary subjects, opt for those in motion. When the quality of light around the subject is low, the light from the subject can be used to enhance your image. Use an App for long exposure and try capturing a moving object with lights, you are bound to get a few brilliant photos.


Step out of the comfort zone and click abstract photos. The play of lights from the subject in the dark can help you get some of the best photos ever clicked on your smartphone.


Use your flash to enhance the lighting in the area. Though one can use an external source of lights, using your flash is not only more convenient but also gives you the freedom to click at the right moment.


Just like Apps, there are accessories today, to help you enhance the light. You can use these in addition to your phone light.


Use the multiple photo editing Apps available for download. Even the best photographers with the most advanced cameras, edit. Edit your photo to look better and professional.