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Here are 6 Reasons to Make Technology Your Hobby

Read on to know the top 6 reasons to make technology your hobby:

Income:  By knowing the technology you can make money in your free time.  There are lots of avenues.  One who is good in technology can sell school projects ideas using technology.  Similarly learning things related to information technology as a hobby can result in generating money while working from home.  For example, bloggers.

Knowledge: By making technology as your hobby you can provide reviews and product ratings on websites.  By doing this you can help people who are in need of suggestions.  You get a whole lot of satisfaction.  When people do not know whether to buy a product, they refer to sites like BestBudget to take the best decision.  Hence technology will help in using your knowledge do good things for other people when it is a hobby.

Wide range and good entertainment:  When technology is your hobby you get a wide variety and the hobby serves as good entertainment. Technology does not have a limit and it invades all the fields.

Keep track of the latest:  When technology is your hobby keeping track of the latest things is very easy.  You can stay updated.  Things are changing constantly in this world and no one needs outdated knowledge.  A hobby related to technology will keep you stay updated.  You can use your knowledge in educating your children.

More networking:  Using social networks will make you develop your friend’s circle.

Impressive:  Learn technology to impress people easily.  No one wonders on guys who do things in the old way.  If you know more technology people will admire you and it will be easy to remain popular.  You can share your knowledge and serve as role-model for many.  By taking up such a hobby you will be undefeatable and always be ranked as outstanding.  Knowing technology projects, you as more skilled.

How to Fix Windows Update Fail

Microsoft always delivers big or small fresh updates, usually without a snag. Mostly, the windows update happens in the background and after installing, prompt the message to shut down your PC. But sometimes, problems associated with these updates like the download getting jammed in the middle of the update rebuffing to install or else, the system is held in a restart loop. This is never a matter of concern in this modern technologically advanced world. Still, there are cases when it really needs a helping hand.

So, before thinking or dealing with how to fix windows problems mainly during an update or start troubleshooting steps, make sure there definitely exists a problem with the update. This may sound funny, but it is really serious if you are working on a W-Fi connection as some updates take over two and a half hours to get downloaded mainly due to an iffy internet server. Even then if your progress bar is not at all moving forward after an hour, take necessary steps regarding solving this issue.

Resolving Steps

  • Try with Windows Update Troubleshooter: Being the most familiar and simple step, it is advisable to take first. Windows has a compact trouble-shooter box that pops up automatically to resolve update related difficulties.


Even though this feature is not particularly useful as it sometimes says things are fixed but, in reality, the problem remains but it is worth giving a shot.

  • Always empty your Update download folder: There can be problems within the residing files that may refuse the updates to get installed. Clearing the download files is helpful in refreshing the system as it empties into free disk space.

  • Kindly turn-off your Anti-Virus Scheme: This is suggested because normally such software should never interfere with the Windows update process. The PC settings can help you with this.

Still, there are many more ways to fix failing updates which you can get from the internet.…