Seattle ACS Crypto Top 3 Brilliant Ways To Use Technology For Social Good

Top 3 Brilliant Ways To Use Technology For Social Good

The industrial revolution has brought about the versatile advancement in each and every sector. The technologies can be either used for profiting in private business like TrulyCoin or can be employed for uplifting the social well-being of a human.

The potential of technologies can be engaged in the development of main areas like providing basic, equity and quality education, quickly responding to emergency situations and also for structuring up an economical housing sector for the deprived ones. All these can greatly enhance our life security as well as shape us for a good living environment.

Here is a list of the top three technological elements that have great influence on the socio-human progress.

An application has been developed that works as a sounding platform for publicly reporting any kind of sexual assault and that too without disclosing any personal details of the informer.

With the rising number of unidentified sexual harassment victims and also the violence, a women techie decided to put her effort into structuring up this application. The anonymous feature grants the confidence for sharing any stories of this kind without posing any type of threat to people.

Further, this app is so designed to identify the area and time, along with other particulars about the crime. Thereby, such localities are detailed as risky areas based on real-time and are always under the professional protection.

The Green planet application idea has been put forward to develop and provide the normal but essential sustainable requirements and goals to the public. This app, further, gives the detailed insight on how to work or contribute towards development. For example, the impact of education on our daily lives and so on.

Another foodie app was created for feeding the starving one. This is well connected with those retailers who suffer the fear of food insecurity and according to their filled in data about the commodity stock, certain organization collect those and provide the service of feeding the needy.